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October 19, 2009

Two! Dos! Deux!

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I bet some of you are wondering how those sock-gloves worked out, and the question is they worked fine for my daughter as far as the scratching, but let me just mention one thing.  If you have taught your darling child to communicate with you through sign language, then putting socks over her hands may prove inconvenient for everyone in the middle of the night when Mommy is too exhausted to realise that the thing said child is doing?  The thing where she’s flapping her hand-socks at you frantically and making a sound like she’s mooing and all Mommy can do is stare at her and suggest what she might be trying to communicate?

“More?  More what?  Moo?  You want to rock?  You want Pooh-Bear?  Are you mooing?  Yes honey, cows say moo.  More?  More rocking?  You want a hug?  Moo?  Meow?”

And poor child is getting frantic and almost ten minutes of whimpering and flapping go by until she slumps against me in defeat, and I’m rocking her wondering what the heck that was all about and why she kept flapping her socks at me… like she was trying to sign something…

“MILK?  Holy cow, honey, do you want MILK?”

A sad, and pitiful, “Yes!”

Mommy slaps her forehead and apologizes profusely to poor toddler who picked a really bad time to try saying “milk” for the first time.  In my defense, it sounded a lot like “Mao.”  Which really could have been anything, right? 

This weekend was Belle’s 2nd birthday, and it’s crazy to see how much she’s grown.  I remember a year ago I was all thrilled that she was walking and blowing kisses and waving bye-bye, and now she’s saying new things every day and even stringing words together, and going everywhere at a flat-out run!  Last year I want to keep her frozen in time at one year old, and now I’d love for her to stay two forever.  I love hearing her talk to me, in half baby babble and half real words, and I love that she is becoming a little person with opinions and preferences of her own.  Like her mommy she loves chocolate, but she’s decided that Ariel is the coolest princess ever, despite me naming her for MY favorite princess.  She loves to be outside, she asks to go out even when it’s pouring down rain.  Sometimes she’ll fish the car keys out of my bag and run to the door yelling, “Bye-bye!  Outside!”, as if the keys are the magic connection to getting to leave the house.  She loves any kind of art–it’s a surefire way to get her to detach from my leg in the morning at preschool if they have paper and markers on the table. 

But the best, the very best thing is the way her face lights up when she sees me at the end of the day; the way she says, “Mommy!” and runs to me and hugs me and nestles her head in my shoulder, and pats my hair.  It makes me melt every single time.  As frustrating as motherhood can be, all the daily struggles, the whining, the food on the floor, the constant laundry and diapers, the runny nose, the cry at 2am that you’re dying to ignore but can’t, all of that dissolves in that one hug.  I always remember to take in that moment, to hold onto it in my heart the next time she’s trying to pull off the pants I’ve just put on her, or kicking off her shoes in anger because she’d rather be naked than subjected to something so bothersome as clothing. 

As a mom, you have to take those shining moments and cherish them, because there are so many other moments, the frustrating, the mundane, the thankless, that make you wonder why you try so hard.  But then your child looks at you with an entire universe of love in their eyes, and you remember why you try.  You remember why you can’t do anything other than your best, even if it burns you out and you snap at someone you meant to be nice to, and you’re too tired to eat, and too busy to sleep.  You remember that you do your best because you hold an entire lifetime of potential in your hand.  You do your best because when you’re in love like that, that’s the only way you know how to do it. 

Happy Birthday Annablue, Belly Button, Little Miss, Precious Girl.  I love you.


October 12, 2009

Maybe I should take her to the vet instead…

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Tonight I taped socks onto my daughters hands before putting her to bed.  I am at the end of my rope, and need to figure out a way, ANY way, to get her to stop itching the boo-boos on her cheeks!

They started as bug bites.  One on her left cheek, and the next night one on her right, almost in the same exact place.  They wouldn’t bother her during the day, but when she is asleep I guess she has a wicked compulsion to dig her little fingernails into these wounds and itch them until they are bleeding sores.  I put neosporin on them to heal them, and she rubbed it right off.  Feeling smart, I put bandaids over the neosporin, only to discover that she has a raging allergy to the adhesive in most bandaids.  So I purchased hypo-allergenic bandaids, at a price which ensures we won’t be able to afford sending her to college, but at least she’ll have nice skin. 

Only, here’s the kicker, the bandaids are frankly too big for her little face.  So not only do I have to buy pricey hypo-allergenic bandaids, but then I cut the adhesive strip in half on each side before sticking it to her face.  I am cutting money off and throwing it away!  And if the bandaids aren’t on at night, she scratches her face and any healing that may have taken place during the day is rendered null and void. 

Not to mention the sheer frustration of her getting a tiny scratch on her chin last Friday, and I guess she decided while she was scratching her cheeks in her sleep, she might as well attack her chin too!  So this weekend saw her looking somewhat like a mummy, with bandages from cheeks to chin, to cover the itchy, unhappy, multiplying boo-boos.

Our neighbor who is an EMT suggested using cortizone to stop the itching, which I did with minimal success, because it may have stopped the itching but it wasn’t speeding up the healing!  So, feeling like I just might beat this once and for all, I purchased maximum strength neosporin + pain relief!  And do you know what?  I think she’s allergic to it!

When I put them on last night I felt all smart and happy but today her cheeks were all flushed and warm, and I take off the bandaids to discover that she is all rashy under one of her hypo-allergenic bandaids, and her little wound is all hot and angry.  So I got desperate.  Obviously, I can’t put anything on her cheeks while they look like this!  We have a pediatricians appointment on Thursday, but she needs healing now!  So I left her cheeks alone and tackled the real problem–her busy fingers. 

I got a thick pair of socks from my drawer and a roll of surgical tape.  Can you see where this is going?  Thank goodness she found it entertaining when I slid the socks over her hands and up her arms–I was rather expecting her to freak out.  But she just watched me in an amused fashion as I used the surgical tape to bind  the edges of the socks to the arms of her sleeper.  Now her face is free of bandaging but her hands are covered in white gym socks and tape!  She’s going to be one confused kid–as I was putting the socks on her hands she kept lifting her foot to indicate that perhaps my aim was a little off?  Perhaps madam would like to reconsider her choice of limb?  But no… she went to bed without complaining about her makeshift gloves, and I felt only mildly like decorating her room to look like a crypt, complete with sarcophogas for her to sleep in. 

I’ll let you know how this all turns out.  My biggest fear is that her pediatrician will scold me for not bringing her in sooner, but quite frankly, I keep thinking they’ll heal, only to wake up and have my hopes dashed.  One day they’ll look just fine, and next thing you know, she’s itching them while in the carseat and I can’t reach her hand to push it away, and she’s totally disregarding my threats to get her one of those neck-cones they put on dogs to keep them from licking their stitches.  Which may just be my next move…

October 6, 2009

Thrilled doesn’t quite describe it…

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WE GOT THE HOUSE!  Yes, it still has to pass inspection, but it’s ours for the taking when it does!  Jesse and I are over the moon about this house, it’s pretty much everything we wanted.  Ok, well… there is only one bathroom.  And you know what?  I DON’T CARE!  Do you know why?  Because there is… drumroll please… let me try not to faint with joy as I type this… A LIBRARY. 

That’s right.  A LIBRARY.  A room with built-in bookshelves just for all the BOOKS I own!  You know the movie Beauty and the Beast?  My all time favorite movie?  Yes, well my all time favorite part of this all time favorite movie is when the Beast gives Belle a library.  I mean, is that not the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard of?  True love meets nerdiness?  I swoon every time I think about it.  A LIBRARY. 

When I first saw this house, I turned to Jesse and said, “I hate you for showing me this house.  I hate you because it’s so wonderful, and I am going to be crushed when we don’t get it.”  And up until a few hours ago it looked like we wouldn’t get it.  First there was a threat of someone else offering for it.  Then the realtor was jerking us around by not putting our paperwork through, probably hoping someone else would offer more.  But Jesse texted me just as I was walking into church tonight that the house was his, and I was pretty much sitting on air the whole rest of the night.

The main part of the house is a 1900’s stone farmhouse that has been built onto since then.  It’s on 2 acres, complete with mature fruit trees, apple and pear.  It has a 3 bedrooms, one full bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a LIBRARY, and a “summer kitchen.”  No idea what we’ll do with that little extra room called a summer kitchen, but something in me is suggesting playroom?  The floors are almost all hardwood, and the front porch is big and deep.  There’s nothing across the street from the house except for land and forest.  The neighbors to the left own a little cow farm, the neighbors to the right own a little horse farm.  Neither of them is within 300 feet of our house. 

And despite the rural setting of this little abode, it’s only ten minutes from Bethlehem, meaning we only have the illusion of being in the middle of nowhere!  And it’s in the Saucon school district, the best one around!  Of course, we have school district taxes, but I’ll gladly pay them for what we are getting.  Settlement, provided all goes well, is on the 21st of November, and once that’s done, Jesse can move in. 

I want to thank everyone who was praying for us.  I was all set to accept defeat, and yet I didn’t quite give up hope that this house just might be the one.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers, as we still have to have it inspected.  I’ll post pics to Facebook as soon as Jesse sends me some from his phone.

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