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August 21, 2009

Sailing, sailing, over the ocean, er, river blue…

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My dad, sister, Belle and I all went out on our boat today.  It was unbelievably hot, but with the wind going it was pretty nice.  Belle loved it, as she loves all water sports, but doesn’t understand why she can’t just get up and roam around while we’re going 50 mph down the Delaware in a vehicle with no roof.  She’d sit on my lap for a while until she wanted to go sit with Gigi, and we’d slow down for the trade-off, and then speed back up once she was settled.  Then after ten minutes she’d decide she wanted her Grampy and turn around to try and go to him, so we’d slow down again and get her situated.  And ten minutes later, well, you can guess the drill…

I feel bad because even though I slathered her in waterproof, spf 50 sunscreen, I seem to have missed a spot on her face.  The spot around her entire right eye, to be exact.  She looks kind of like a Dalmatian puppy with a red, instead of black, patch over her eye.  It’s just that it’s SO HARD to put sunscreen on the kid, let alone trying to get it close enough to her eyes that her skin doesn’t burn, but not so close that I’m rubbing it on her retinas!  I’m usually pretty good at it, I mean, we spent a whole week down the shore and not one day did she get burnt.  But today I failed, and now my child looks like I either punched her in the eye, or deliberately left a circle of her face un-screened.

Of course, I only applied half my own sunscreen too, since I was more worried about her, as usual.  Gigi offered to put some on my back, so that part of me was safe, and when I was done applying Belles’ I simply wiped all the excess that was on my hands onto my face, and rubbed it in ’til it was gone.  So my face is not burned, either.  But my arms, and the top of my legs are a nice pink color, the type of which you see on a salmon, or perhaps industrial grade highlighter.  So at least I’m worse off than Annabelle, who I may be calling Patch until her burn fades. 

At least it’s not as bad as our second day of vacation, when Jesse headed down to the beach a half an hour before us so he could surf.  I applied my own sunscreen like I usually do, but he always gets my back for me.  So I did the best I could, and set off for the beach.  I suppose I meant to ask him to spot check me when he got out of the water, but when do I ever remember anything five seconds after the fact?  Fast forward to later that night, I had a strangely shaped burn across my back that looked somewhat like a legless Brontasaurus.  You could clearly see where the extent of my stretching ability ended.  Jesse spent the whole rest of the vacation smirking in suppressed hilarity every time he walked behind me, and I spent the rest of it laying on my stomach, trying to even out the burn. 

The true irony of this situation is that when it peeled, I COULDN’T EVEN REACH IT!  And we all know how I feel about peeling a sunburn.  Call me crazy (or just let Jesse do it for you) but peeling a burn is right up there with reading a great novel, or perhaps making out with Brad Pitt.  Brad Pitt of this year though, the scruffy, starting-to-look-his-age Brad.  The Brad of Legends of the Fall is the be-all end-all of his long career of hotness and definitely trumps a peeling sunburn.  In fact it trumps having Cat Deely’s legs or getting a book deal or winning the Nobel Prize or anything else I may ever dream about. 

Ahem… but I digress.  Where was I?  Sunburn?  Oh!  Before I forget, let me just mention that today and yesterday were record breaking days for the amount of people reading this thing.  Of course, I’ve noticed that when I put an alert on Facebook that I’ve posted a new blog, I see the number of readers increase dramatically for that day.  I don’t always post an alert, but I did want everyone to read about my awesome nurses, and when I dropped off the cookies I made sure to leave, along with the thank you note, a copy of yesterday’s post.  For all I know, some of them may have logged onto this page to read it, so if you nurses are reading it, Hi!  You rock!  Hope the cookies were ok.  For everyone else who reads my ramblings, if I haven’t said it yet, thank you.  It totally makes my day when somebody tells me they’ve enjoyed something I wrote.  I may never get to be a published author, but it’s sharing my thoughts and feelings and experiences with people that matters to me most, so as long as ya’ll keep reading, I’ll keep writing…


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  1. Keep writing, Christina 🙂

    Comment by Lori Hitchcock-Mietk — August 22, 2009 @ 4:41 pm | Reply

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