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July 23, 2009

Did I mention Cat Deeley’s legs?

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This post is for all the enlightened who watch So You Think You Can Dance, one of the most awesome shows ever created. 

Does anybody else want to die and come back as Cat Deely in their next life?  Her legs, her tan, her awesome hair, her down-under accent, her long long legs.  And also, her legs. 

Does anybody else want to see Jeanine and Jason fall in love and have babies after seeing them dance Travis Wall’s “If It Kills Me” contemporary piece?  When he grabbed the necklace from her with his teeth… YOWZA!  And did they kiss at the end of the dance?  His arm was in the way, and if they were locking lips I demand that Fox re-release the alternate camera angle because they had chemistry that makes Bella and Edward look like Heidi and Spencer. 

At this time in the competition I don’t want to see anybody go.  They’re all good, heck they’re even all attractive!  How does that happen?  Kayla is flawless, Melissa is perfect, Janette is saucy, Jeanine is all passionate and vulnerable… and the boys.  Oh Lord.  Evan is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  I’d marry him off to my daughter.  Jason is all leggy and hot, Ade is all huge and powerful, and Brandon has the worlds nicest arms.    If I had that much talent I’d never walk.  I’d pas de bourre my way down the aisles of the grocery store.  I’d ronds de jambs to get the mail.  I’d insist Jesse greet me with a passionate pas de deux. 

I think the most moving piece I’ve ever seen was last night’s ode to breast cancer, by Tyce Diorio.  Melissa and Ade were the perfect couple to pull it off, and if it’s not Emmy nominated this time next year I will be one shocked mama.  I don’t know of anyone who, if they haven’t had breast cancer, can say they don’t know anyone who hasn’t.  My cousin battled it.  A family friend fought it twice.  And a long-legged friend who is a beautiful dancer herself lost her beloved mother just a few years ago.  It’s a pernicious disease, and this dance said more about it in two minutes of choreography than any speech could do.  I’m including the link to the dance because I hope everyone I know gets to see it; its beauty and its sadness. 


On a lighter note, Annabelle is now obsessed with watching dance on my laptop.  When she woke up from her nap today I’d been watching pieces from SYTYCD on Youtube, and I sat her down on my lap in front of the laptop, fully expecting her to get up and cause mayhem or start demanding Elmo.  Instead she sat transfixed for half an hour, clapping for the pieces, or swaying from side to side with the music.  I was the one who finally had to pull her away.  After dinner we went upstairs again and she ran to my laptop and stood in front of it expectantly.  When I sat down and checked my email, she started swaying back and forth and gesturing at the screen, indicating that she wanted to watch more dance!  I’ve never been prouder.  Although it’s my everlasting regret that I have not a shred of dance talent, maybe she has some hidden away from a talented ancestor. 

But I’ll tell you one thing.  SHE’S NUTS.  So obviously, she’d be a perfect dancer.


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