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July 22, 2009

And my daughter had mac’n’cheese…

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With my mom being out of town until next week, I felt responsible for my father getting a nice hot meal tonight for dinner.  We all know I don’t cook, as one of my earliest blog entries attests.  But tonight I felt duty bound to “make something” of what was in the fridge, which was a whole lotta leftovers.  So I opened my cookbook (don’t die of shock, but I DO own a cookbook) and tried to find something that A. was simple, and B. I could make out of things we already had in the kitchen.  So I picked a relatively easy recipe for Indonesian Peanut Chicken.

It involved whole chicken breasts, which I didn’t have, but there was a whole lot of leftover chicken pieces, and I figured it wasn’t that different.  By pieces of chicken, I don’t mean a thigh or a drumstick, I mean actual pieces of chicken.  Cooked, plain chicken, no seasoning.  Just chicken.  In a big plastic baggie.  That’s right.

So I took all these chicken pieces and followed the recipe as well as I could, mixing peanut butter and chili sauce and several other things, and even chopping up peanuts.  I felt just like Julia Child, although I doubt she flinched every time the knife came down on the peanuts, or ever had them bounce up and deflect off her face.  No matter.  I made some rice to go along with it (ok, I microwaved the rice, but that’s legal, right?) and was quite pleased with the whole bubbly, simmering thing I had going on.  I was just thinking how pleased my dad was going to be when the phone rang, and lo and behold, it was my dad.  Saying he’d be a little late.  Like, the food was ready NOW, but he’d be home in an HOUR.  This is what happens when you don’t warn people that you are about to break out into a domestic frenzy.  They make other plans.

But I managed to keep things hot, although my chicken and peanut sauce got a little gloopy.  It was more like a delicious chicken-peanut-paste, but it worked over the rice.  My dad really liked it, and felt bad about not making it home earlier.  I was all proud of myself for making a tasty meal out of nothing but leftovers, and my dad lauded my efforts.

“We needed to do something with this turkey.”

“Um, this is a chicken dish Dad.  Indonesian Peanut Chicken.”

He chews thoughtfully.  “There was no chicken in the fridge.”

“There was a whole big thing of it on the second shelf!”

“Big plastic bag?”



“… Oh.”

 Look, if it’s all in little bits, it looks the same to me.  It needs to run at me full gobbles ahead for me to know the difference.   But the Indonesian Peanut TURKEY was just delicious, thanks for asking.


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