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June 22, 2009

Why doesn’t being a stay-at-home-mom come with a paycheck when it’s the hardest job there is?

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Annnnnnnd… my unemployment has begun!  So far, I have two parents whose children go to the school I worked at head-hunting for me, bless them.  I’m looking online as well, and tweaking my resume daily, but not panicking yet.  Give me 3 weeks of this and I’ll panic.  But right now it’s cool to actually be home with Belle, even though The Wiggles are the background soundtrack to my life. 

Strangely, I also have an overwhelming urge to exercise.  I KNOW, RIGHT?  Me, exercise?  We’ve talked about this.   But after losing 5 pounds for Kate’s wedding, (and finding it again soon after) it really is eveident to me how different my body looks when I gain or lose a few pounds.  And since I hate pretty much every picture of me taken in the last 6 months, maybe that has spurred me to really start kicking my own butt.  I keep Belle on a pretty good schedule, and so now every day when she goes down for her nap, I’m going to take that time to work out.  More importantly–work out FACING THE MIRROR.  Oh yes.  Nothing like seeing myself jiggle around like a lost Teletubby to fire up that self discipline. 

I got to go shopping this weekend with Gabrielle while she was home.  I know, shopping right after quitting my job doesn’t make much sense, but I got a lot of gift cards from my class and so barely spent anything while buying “work clothes.”  Having spent the last 5 years in jeans and flip-flops, or head to toe velour while at work, I sadly reconciled myself to the fact that the professional world is calling and it won’t appreciate Juicy Couture like I do.  So I went to The Limited, which is having a huge sale (go if you can), and got a nice skirt, and 2 tops.  I have some nice pants I picked up here and there since having the baby, but I’m not brave enough to see if they fit yet.  With my weight yo-yoing the way it does, I never know if a pair of jeans that fit last week will fit today.  It seems I have to be more disciplined, and maybe lay off the Rosemary and Olive Oil Tricuits, food of the gods. 

Well, I hear my munchkin stirring… off to go chase her around the living room while ignoring the siren call of the Tricuits… wish me luck.


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