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June 10, 2009

Dear Belle,

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Today I had the pleasure of wresting an alligator out of its pajamas and into its school clothes.  The whole time I was doing this, the alligator was shrieking at top volume, thrashing in full circles, and BITING ITS OWN ARM because it was so angry at life and the  injustice of having to wake up.  And then I carried this screaming, thrashing alligator downstairs, trying to cover its head with my palm so it wouldn’t brain itself against a wall in its fury.  And then I spent five whole minutes trying to put shoes on its flailing alligator feet.  And not once did I raise my voice or yell because Mommy is a PATIENT and WONDERFUL woman who deserves praise and a stiff drink for not SELLING THIS ALLIGATOR ON EBAY.  I’m sure you agree.  YOU would never pull a stunt like that, would you kiddo? 

Didn’t think so.


Mommy (as you’ve just started calling me this last week.  No more “mama” for you, big girl.)


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