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May 28, 2009

Dear Annabelle…

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Dear Belly-baby,

Do you realize how many fun nicknames I have for you?  When I was picking your name, I knew I wanted to call you Belle, and honor your Grammy by adding the “Anne” in front, but I had no clue how many other names I would call you!  Belly-boo, Belly-button, Banana-Belle, the list goes on.  Yesterday you were living up to the moniker Jesse bestowed on you–Hurricaine Annabelle!  Or, the Tornado Toddler.  You just can’t sit still, can you?

Unless the Tinkerbell movie is on.  Good Lord.  I’ll be honest, Mommy bought that for herself.  You were just my excuse to purchase a Disney film after the age of 15.  But boy howdy, you do love that freakin pixie!  As soon as we get home in the afternoons you start patting your legs, which is the sign you made up for watching TV.  You drag me upstairs every day and hand me the dvd case, as if I wouldn’t know, by the frantic patting and grunting and gesturing at the television, that you’d like to watch this movie, please, right now, right now, RIGHT NOW! 

And then I put it on for you and you are TRANSFIXED.  You really are Mommy’s girl.  All the beautiful music and sparkles and wings… you just love it.  I loved it the first time.  Even the second time it was cute.  We have now watched it over 20 times and Mommy knows all the words, all the characters, and at exactly which point my eye starts twitching and I have to leave the room or put in earplugs. 

Your other favorite thing to do is brush your teeth.  I’m not kidding.  You see that toothbrush and go wild.  You insist on doing it yourself, of course, but I usually get a 15 second scrub in before you insist on taking over.  You’ll walk around the house all day with that toothbrush hanging from your mouth.  You made up a sign for brushing your teeth too, which, incidentally, is the same basic sign anyone would do while miming brushing their teeth.  It’s too adorable for words.  You’ve adopted three toothbrushes already, because one night we couldn’t find where you’d stashed yours and you went mental.  You were NOT so adorable then, by the way.  Not that I don’t love you, but don’t take it personally when I walk away to do some deep breathing while you scream and thrash on the floor, frantically scrubbing your teeth with your finger.  Your sainted Grammy was kind (and wise) enough to go out and buy a multi-pack of toothbrushes, so in case one gets lost, we’ll have more on hand.  A good idea, since I had to sacrifice MINE that night to make you happy.  Don’t ever say I don’t love you.  Don’t you know how I feel about drool?

Every day you are saying new things.  When I ask you to say something for me, you almost never comply, unless it is your Aunt Gigi’s name.  You could say Gigi all day.  You love her WAY more than you love me, by the way, but that’s ok, cause she is pretty awesome.  But the other things you say totally at random and without warning.  Let me see if I can remember all the words you have right now:

NO, Yeah, Yes, Mama, Gigi, uh-oh, Bye-bye, night-night, this, ow, bow, Belle, Dada, dog, cat, woof, hot, all done, more, up, wa (water), tree, and GAH!  I don’t know what GAH is but you are very vehement about it and will yell it for no reason at all at random times. 

You also love music.  You will rock out to anything, and whenever I’m driving with the radio on you are usually rocking back and forth in your carseat, grinning from ear to ear.  If you’re standing you do this little “butt-dance” that looks like you’re doing squats, but also shaking your head at the same time.  You watched a Selena Gomez music video the other day (in the special features provided by Tinkerbell) and you stood on my lap, rocking back and forth for the whole song.  My thighs went numb by the time you were done, but you were so enraptured I just couldn’t interrupt your moment. 

By the way, you don’t like sharing.  Your teachers were nice enough to let me know that you tried to BITE SOMEONE’S HEAD because they took your toy.  Kiddo, this is not ok.  You can get kicked out of daycare for biting.  I’ll teach you a good cross-check instead.  Or, master the sneaky pinch.  But don’t use those crocodile teeth of yours for anything other than your food, cause nobody likes that girl who thinks she’s a piranha! 

You’re so funny sometimes.  Tonight you didn’t want to eat your dinner at first, so you turned your spoon upside down, used your left hand, and just dipped it into your rice and chicken, licking off whatever stuck.  You were watching me the whole time, waiting for me to correct you so you could throw a tantrum over it, but I was on to your tricks, missy!  I just sat with you and smiled patiently, and after a few minutes you realized you were hungry and started shoveling your food in like normal.  Little piggy.  I love you so much, even when you’re pushing my buttons. 

If I could just convince you to sleep for a solid 12 hours, my life would be so much easier.  See, Mommy doesn’t function well if Mommy hasn’t slept well, and frankly, you waking up and screaming for me at 1am kinda throws off my groove.  If you could just chill out with the whole, IT’S 5am, WHERE IS MY MILK!? thing, we’d all be better off.  You don’t need milk at 5am, you need a kick in the pants.  Only you would wake up hungry at random hours.  Well, ok, I do it too.  But at least I don’t holler your name until you go make me a sandwich.

Not yet anyway.  Just wait until you’re in high school and all you wanna do is sleep and be sullen.  I’ll be setting my alarm clock for 5am.  “Belle, Mommy needs a drink!  Chop-chop!”

Just kidding sweetie.  I think…

All my love,



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