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May 21, 2009

I hate waiting.

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So I’m waiting around, fully packed, bags by the door, for Jeese to pick me up for our mystery trip. 27 doesn’t feel that old yet, but then I haven’t been out to dinner yet, so we’ll see if I get carded. If I don’t, there may be tears. There may be inebriated wailing, “I look olllllllllllld!” and also gnashing of teeth. And tearing of clothes.

Unless I wear my super-hot Ingwa Melero dress. I paid too much for that scrap of leather and cotton to tear it. If I pick the red BCBG dress, I could tear that. Silk or not, it still looks funny on me. It looks better on the hanger, I think, but then I might wear it just because I haven’t yet. Does anyone else pack multiple outfits for just one night away?  I have 3 pairs of high heels in my suitcase right now. Don’t tell Jesse, he may faint. He expressly warned me to wear flats because he would not put up with my bitching about my feet hurting if we walked anywhere.

I may have done this one night out in Philly, but in my defense, I had been drinking, I had to pee, it was kind of raining, and he got us lost. I might have yelled at him, but honestly, the blisters on my feet were bleeding. You’d have been miffed too. You might also have kicked off your shoes the instant you got off the hotel elevator and stalked barefoot to your room without them. I’m just saying. The fact that he stills loves me is proof of his sainthood.

That and the fact that he’s taking off work to take me on this mystery trip! I may DIE of excitement! I don’t get much excitement these days. Can you tell?

I’ll have a fully illustrated story of our trip upon our return. If I don’t die of excitement while we’re gone.


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