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May 19, 2009

I’m too young to be this old…

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So my 27th birthday is in 2 days, and it is really the last birthday I’m looking forward to.  And I’m not actually looking forward to it, as much as just being willing to celebrate it.  27 doesn’t sound really old, but it is OLDER THAN I WANT TO BE.  27 is really close to 28, and if you’re 28 you might as well be 30.  And I know when I’m turning 30 I’ll look back in scorn at my disdain for 27, but honestly, I thought I’d be a grown-up by now and it’s a little disheartening to realize I’m not.  I still think every person older than me is smarter and more competant just by virtue of their age, somewhat like a middle school child does, instead of realising that most of your teachers are only 21, which makes them babies just barely older than you.  But no, they are taller and have facial hair and wear lipstick so you treat them with with the proper fear and awe they are due. 

The one thing making me willing to look forward to this anniversary of my birth is the fact that Jesse is taking me somewhere.  A mysterious somewhere, involving a babysitter and taking Friday off from work.  Now, nothing excites me more than someone else doing some planning and carrying-out of fun stuff, and just taking me along for the ride.  I LOVE when people take charge, especially if it is for my entertainment!  I’m not much of a planner–I’m indecisive and not particularily organized, and often forget to bring my daughters shoes along when we go away for the weekend, so I relish somebody else taking control.  And really, when was the last time a boyfriend did something sweet and wonderful for me on my birthday?  Um, high school, perhaps? 

Yes, His Wonderfulness has instructed me to come straight to his house after work on Thursday, baby in tow.  He has arranged for his mother to watch her until we get back on Friday night.  Initially he wanted to take me away until Monday (Oh the heaven that would have been) but I have bachelorette obligations that require my presence in Wildwood from Saturday to Sunday.  He has further offered to keep Belle until Sunday night, so that I don’t have to make an additional trip back home to drop her off with my parents before going to the shore.  Now how great is he?  A willing slave to my hyperactive child, and never a whisper of complaint against diapers, 5am bottles, or mysterious tantrums.  Is it any wonder I love him? 

Really, this little trip is the one thing keeping me from dissolving into tears at the prospect of being 27.  I don’t WANT to be 27.  For starters, I don’t even look 26, nevermind 27.  I get carded at every opportunity, so I’m assuming I may look less than 21 years old.  There is nothing more tiresome than someone saying, for the zillionth time, “Oh you’re how old?  But you look so young!”  Yeah, thanks lady.  I might appreciate that when I’m 40.  But right now it just feels like you’re telling me I look too young to get into an R rated movie, and honestly that’s not a compliment.  It means that I look too young to be taken seriously.  I live in constant fear that people will thinks I’m Annabelle’s babysitter or perhaps older sister.  When I was pregant, I considered silk-screening my college diploma onto a maternity teeshirt so people wouldn’t assume I was a pregnant high-school dropout. 

I realize looking younger than I am is a strange thing to complain about.  It’s not that I want to look older than my age, like Brooke Hogan, who is 21 but looks like a weathered old handbag.  I just want people to stop being so annoyingly stunned when I tell them my age.  It’s not THAT shocking that I am 27… I realize I look like a freshfaced high school senior, but I would never gasp and say to someone, “Wow, you’re only how old?  You look so much older!” 

By the way, I have plans to stay 27 forever.  Next year, my birthday is a non-event.  Nobody better mention it, cause I’m gonna pull a Tuck Everlasting and stay 27 forever.  And for those of you who dare to mention the big 2-8, I will be sure to, loudly and in public, accuse you of being 5 years older than you really are.  Or, just mention to the bartender that your id is a fake and laugh when you are hauled off, protesting your innocence…

So enjoy saying happy birthday to me this year, cause it’s the last chance you’ll get!



  1. age is just a limitation we put on ourselves…dude 40 is the new 20.

    Comment by Tammy — May 19, 2009 @ 10:00 am | Reply

    • Oh no, my knees are the ones putting limitations on me…

      Comment by cjdaily — May 20, 2009 @ 2:49 am | Reply

  2. i decided last year that i was just going to continue turning 25 until people totally stopped believing me…. and then i’d claim to be 27. it’s working out so far!

    Comment by stefani — May 23, 2009 @ 12:22 am | Reply

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